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Water heating is a significant user of energy. In fact, water heating accounts for the second largest segment of household energy use, after space heating and cooling. More than half of all hot water use is in the bathroom, a third in the laundry and the remainder in the kitchen. Heating water for these activities comprises approximately 25 per cent of household energy use in Australia. Perth enjoys the perfect climate for harnessing solar energy to produce hot water for showers, reducing your energy consumption and your carbon footprint. If, like many Australian households, your energy bills are higher than you would like, ask Perth Emergency Hot Water to upgrade your current gas or electric hot water heater to a more cost effective and environmentally-friendly Solar solution. After all, unlike an electric or gas hot water heater, the sun’s energy is free. To fully understand your solar hot water needs, and the savings to be had by simply harnessing the sun’s free energy, schedule an obligation free solar assessment with our solar Experts at your local Perth Emergency Hot Water store.

Solar hot water systems take advantage of Perth's supply of sunshine and use solar energy to heat water for household use. A solar hot water system should provide between 50 and 90 per cent of your hot water needs—the amount depends on the model of solar hot water heater you install. On cloudy days, or when hot water usage is higher than usual, your hot water system may need a boost. The booster will come on when the temperature of water in the storage tank falls below the thermostat setting and turn off automatically when the water reaches the required temperature. For more control over the system, a manual booster switch and a timer may be installed to ensure you make maximise the energy coming from the sun to heat the water. A gas booster generally produces less greenhouse gas emissions than an electric booster.

Solar Hot Water Rebates

Households across Australia that install an eligible solar hot water system may be able to receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Sometimes referred to as a rebate program, installing a solar water heater allows the creation of small-scale technology certificates (STCs), an electronic form of currency with a value that can be redeemed by selling or assigning them. The number of STCs that can be created per system is based on its geographical location (Perth is in Zone 3 - see zone adjacent map), installation date, and the amount of electricity in megawatt hours (MWh) that is displaced by the solar water heater or heat pump over the course of 10 years.

Solar Water Heater Rebate Zone Map

Solar Water Heater Rebate Sign

Once created and validated, these certificates act as a form of currency and can be sold to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing the system. The price of STCs is driven by supply and demand of the renewable energy certificate market and fluctuates daily. An average 'Family-sized' Roof Top Solar system is eligible for 28 STCs. At their current value (as at Feb-17) of $37.00 you would receive a rebate of $1,036 (28 STCs x $37.00) if you purchased that system. To make life easy, most of our customers choose to assign their STCs to Perth Emergency Hot Water for an equivalent discount on their system. You can, however, trade them on the market yourself.

Roof Top Solar Water Heaters

If you have sufficient roof space to work with, ask your local Perth Emergency Hot Water Specialist about our range of roof top solar systems. Roof top solar water heaters have the solar panels (collectors) and storage tank mounted up on the roof. The solar collectors draw in the sun’s energy to heat the water, which is then transferred into the tank by a process known as thermosyphoning. Almost like magic, thermosyphoning employs the process of natural convection (hot things rise) and uses no pumps or mechanical devices. Hence these systems are often referred to as Thermosiphons.

Thermosiphon systems can be installed as a preheater with an inline gas booster water heater.

Perth Roof Top Solar Water Heater

Split Solar Water Heaters

Perth Split Solar Water Heaters

If there is limited space on your roof, a split system solar water heater (with a smaller footprint) may be suitable. The roof panels are still installed on the roof, while the storage tank sits at ground level. A circulating pump ensures continuous flow of the water between the tank and collectors. Split system solar water heaters are designed to give you the maximum flexibility of installation locations, while minimising the visual impact of going solar.

The split system operates with the help of electricity; a circulating pump ensures continuous flow of the water between the tank and collectors.The electric boosted models are equipped with an in-tank element to ensure a supply of hot water during periods of poor or no solar gain. Alternatively the system can be installed as a preheater with an inline gas booster water heater.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Sometimes a solar hot water system may not be appropriate, perhaps due to space restrictions or roof shading. This doesn't mean you can't benefit from solar technology and reduced energy consumption. Heat Pump Water Heaters are a sister product to Solar Water Heaters; they both harness the plentiful energy available from the sun.

Heat pumps don't utilise the sun's energy directly, but rather use environmental heating technology to draw energy from the surrounding air. For this reason they can work year-round, both day and night. Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse.

Perth Heat Pump Water Heaters

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