Perth Hot Water Specialists

We are a network of Perth hot water specialists, who are ready to respond to your hot water enquiry. We take pride in our high service standards and offer punctual, skilled plumbers to get you back into hot water as quickly as possible.


Electric, Gas, and Solar Hot Water

We install a wide variety of water heaters, including electric, gas and solar, to cover most household applications. Covering the Perth Metro area, we also specialise in replacing gas or electric systems with solar hot water.

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North of the River - Call:
Jason in Balcatta: 0490 717 918
Darryn in Joondalup: 0402 319 073
Martin in Midland: 0476 227 391

South of the River - Call:
Matt in Canningvale: 0401 873 369
Sharon in Rockingham: 0447 728 228
Aaron in Fremantle: 0434 437 170

We have completed a wide range of hot water installations in and around Perth. Below is a selection of our more recent projects


Is the Pilot flame alight? Check the pilot flame is burning by viewing through the front cover. Relight the pilot flame according to the lighting instructions. The below video shows how to relight a Rheem Stellar pilot light.

Latest news

  • 23 Jun2017
    Posted by Dylan Caporn / PerthNow
    WEST Australian households are set to be slugged more for their bills, with Treasurer Ben Wyatt announcing the full suite of increased fees and charges today. The increases will see electricity increases of $169 (10.9%) for a regular household. Read more...

    See how Solar Hot Water can reduce the energy used for hot water by up to 80%. Read more...
  • 22 May2017
    Posted by Daniel Mercer / PerthNow
    WA Energy Minister Ben Wyatt has indicated household electricity prices could have to rise by up to 15 per cent within two years as part of moves to allow people to choose where they buy their power from. Read more...

    See how Solar Hot Water can reduce the energy used for hot water by up to 80%. Read more...
  • 22 Feb2017
    Posted by RT
    Extremely heavy storms in California have raised a Napa County reservoir to its highest level in more than a decade, with huge rainfall forming an unusual overspill phenomenon that hasn't been witnessed in years.Lake Berryessa has risen approximately 12 meters in little over 50 days. The 443.5ft level is the highest in 11 years meaning the alien-like 'Glory Hole' spillway is now captivating passersby and online viewers alike.Read more...
  • 14 Dec2016
    Posted by Garrett Mundy / ABC News
    West Australian households are tipped to see power prices increase by 7 per cent over the next two years, almost three times the national average.But the Australian Energy Market Commission said the increase would still not reflect the true cost of generating electricity. Read more...

    See how Solar Hot Water can reduce the energy used for hot water by up to 80%. Read more...
  • 11 March2016
    Posted by Heather McNeill / WA Today
    From awkward encounters with clients, to being covered in sewerage - a day in the life of a WA plumber is not for the faint-hearted. For plumber Shane Seth, his most cringe-worthy encounter on the job involved being covered in the flushable delights of 10 households while trying to clear a blockage in a unit block's main sewerage shaft. Read more...